1) How much is this going to cost?

Cost is not everything but is certainly something that should be considered when choosing a provider. In today’s orthodontic market there can be a huge swing in price for treatment. And just like other markets, there is a wide swing in results, service, and quality of maintenance. The important thing is to find a high-quality, board-certified orthodontist that will allow you to finance your treatment over time; allowing you quality while remaining in your budget! At Burrow Welchel & Culp Orthodontics, we use convenient financing plans and we pride ourselves in not making an orthodontic issue turn into a financial issue for our patients.

2) How long will this process take?

Although treatment time can vary due to the severity of the case it is important that your provider gives you a realistic view of the expected timeline. Unrealistic timelines can be frustrating for both the patient and provider. It is understandable that patients want the fastest treatment possible, unfortunately sometimes fast doesn’t equal best. The technology does continue to improve allowing for more efficient tooth movement but we are still dealing with biology and the process that needs to occur to not only move a tooth but to create stability in the bite and position to ensure the teeth stay straight. At Burrow Welchel & Culp Orthodontics, we will make sure to give you a realistic timeline with an explanation of why!

3) Will there be a follow-up after my treatment is finished?

Stability and retention is so important in orthodontics and should be addressed at the very beginning of treatment. At Burrow Welchel & Culp Orthodontics we not only follow up with you after treatment to make sure your retainers are fitting and being worn but we take it a step further and guarantee your treatment! Meaning even if you forget to wear your retainer or lose the retainer and your teeth shift; we fix it for free! We take all the risk off the table and give our patients peace of mind that the smile they have will stay that way!

4) Are The Orthodontists Board Certified?

In today’s market there is a wide variety of quality when it comes to aligners and braces. Patients can have aligners sent in the mail without any doctor communication, can go to a general practitioner with less experience or a board certified doctor can handle the treatment from start to finish while monitoring the movements to ensure health and esthetics. At Burrow Welchel & Culp Orthodontics, each orthodontist has gone the extra step and been certified by the American Board (only ⅓ of orthodontists do this extra step to ensure quality). If the goal is to have a well maintained smile for a long period of time it is highly recommended to choose an orthodontist that will monitor your smile from start to finish and continue to monitor throughout, even years down the road.