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Are you looking for the best orthodontic practice in University, Charlotte, NC? Burrow Welchel & Culp Orthodontics is the place to go! Our devoted team strives to give a five-star patient experience by offering same-day braces, board-certified doctors, and 24-hour emergency availability to speak with our doctors in the event of appliance emergencies or other issues. Furthermore, because we are locally owned and operated, you can be confident that our team is deeply committed to helping the University, Charlotte, NC, community become healthier and happier. To top it all off, we design mouthguards for people who have had them removed. Allow Burrow Welchel & Culp Orthodontics to be your first choice for high-quality treatment.

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Expert Care

Every day, our professional orthodontists offer our patients decades of experience and extensive training. We can give personalized treatment programs adapted to each patient’s needs, no matter how difficult the case, thanks to our combined experience in orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign, transparent braces, metal braces, and more!

Award-Winning Office

We take pleasure in providing great service that exceeds our patients’ expectations. Because of our dedication to excellence, we have received the Best Dentist in Charlotte title numerous years in a row! We endeavor to make all our patients feel at ease during their appointments by offering a welcoming environment with excellent service from start to finish!

Community Involvement

We believe in giving back to Burrow Welchel & Culp Orthodontics community. We are pleased to collaborate with Crossnore School and Children’s Home, where we provide free comprehensive orthodontic treatment to foster children in need. Regardless of financial circumstances, everyone should have access to professional orthodontic care to fulfill their smile’s best potential!

Orthodontic Services We Offer


Traditional, clear, and gold braces are available at Burrow Welchel & Culp Orthodontics. Metal brackets are fitted to the front of your teeth and linked by archwires in traditional braces. These archwires provide the necessary force to move your teeth into the appropriate position. Ceramic braces are constructed of clear materials that blend in with your teeth and are nearly unnoticeable. Both techniques can improve the appearance of your smile by correcting misplaced or crooked teeth!


Invisalign is a clear, removable aligner system that uses a series of clear, removable aligners to move your teeth into place progressively. The aligners are designed specifically for each patient and may be removed to eat and brush your teeth, making them pleasant, convenient, and nearly unnoticeable! Invisalign is ideal for individuals who wish to straighten their teeth without wearing traditional metal braces.

Early Intervention & Two-Phase Treatment

At Burrow Welchel & Culp Orthodontics, we believe in giving the option for our patients to complete treatment at a young age! If a child displays evidence of malocclusion (an improper bite), crowding, or projecting teeth before all of their permanent teeth have emerged, we urge early intervention. Early intervention can aid in the prevention of more significant problems later in life. We also provide two-phase treatment, beginning with interceptive treatment during the mixed dentition period (ages 6-10), followed by treatment once all permanent teeth have emerged (ages 11-16). This method addresses potential problems before they become more serious, resulting in better outcomes in the long run!

Surgical Orthodontics

Finally, for individuals who require it, we provide surgical orthodontics. Surgical orthodontics is done when jaw bones must be realigned to align the teeth and jaws properly. This orthodontic treatment combines surgical treatments with standard orthodontic treatment to achieve the best outcomes. 

Invisalign Provider In University, Charlotte, NC

Burrow Welchel & Culp Orthodontics is the ideal choice for an Invisalign provider in University, Charlotte, NC. We can supply superior adjustable invisible aligners to straighten your smile as one of the best providers in the area. We specialize in treating teens, adults, and children with orthodontic problems. Invisalign technology is perfect for people with minor alignment concerns or those who desire a straighter, more beautiful smile without brackets. Burrow Welchel & Culp Orthodontics will take the time to examine your specific needs and build a personalized treatment plan to provide the best possible results. Contact us today to learn more about our Invisalign services and to determine whether this is the best option for you!

Braces In University, Charlotte, NC

Burrow Welchel & Culp Orthodontics in University, Charlotte, NC, is an excellent choice if you require prompt and high-quality orthodontic care. With our cutting-edge technology, we not only deliver high-quality outcomes but also have a unique treatment that allows them to provide same-day braces. Furthermore, all of our team members are compassionate and attentive to ensure you have the greatest possible experience. Visit Burrow Welchel & Culp Orthodontics for braces and same-day convenience.

Types Of Braces We Provide

Burrow Welchel & Culp Orthodontics provides various braces to meet our patients’ needs. We specialize in traditional metal braces that are exceptionally successful in realigning teeth. Our ceramic braces provide a subtle appearance ideal for those concerned about their appearance. On the other hand, our gold braces have a traditional appearance and offer a comfortable fit with more flair. We ensure that each type of braces gives ideal outcomes that fit our patients’ needs. Burrow Welchel & Culp Orthodontics can meet all of your orthodontic requirements!

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Burrow Welchel & Culp Orthodontics is dedicated to providing outstanding orthodontic care. We provide a wide range of orthodontic services, from traditional braces to Invisalign and other types of orthodontic treatment. Our team is polite, informed, and attentive, ensuring you get the greatest experience possible. If you need orthodontic care in University, Charlotte, NC, give us a call or stop by our office today! Schedule your free consultation to get started on your journey to the ideal smile!