Get Relief From Your Pain & Improved Oral Health

If you suffer from frequent headaches, neck pain, or jaw pain, it could be a side-effect of a solvable problem called Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD), also commonly referred to as TMJ. Those suffering from TMD/TMJ are offered few solutions to truly overcome the issue. Rather, they are offered solutions to lessen the pain or provide temporary relief from the pain. At Burrow Welchel & Culp Orthodontics, we strive to give you a permanent solution with our TMD/TMJ treatment in Charlotte, NC.

How Do You Know If You Have TMD/TMJ?

It is challenging to self-diagnose TMD. If you have pain in your jaw, you could possibly have TMD; however, there could be other factors causing your headaches or jaw pain. At your free consultation, we will be able to help you determine if TMD is causing your headaches or jaw pain. Additionally, if we determine that you have TMD, we will be able to provide an in-house solution.

How Can TMJ Be Treated?

When you are diagnosed with TMD, many doctors or orthodontists will immediately suggest jaw surgery. However, even jaw surgery may not permanently fix your TMD! If the underlying cause is not addressed, surgery will only provide temporary relief.

At Burrow Welchel & Culp Orthodontics, our orthodontists use a bite simulator to check how your bite is aligned while receiving orthodontic treatment. We can also use the bite simulator to help determine your jaw’s ideal alignment. Even if your teeth are straight, your bite can be adjusted using orthodontic treatment in order to align your upper and lower jaw appropriately. This option is non-invasive and should be the first solution for TMD.

Board-Certified Orthodontics Backed By Multiple Guarantees

Our offices have board-certified, award-winning orthodontists. We proudly offer same-day appointments and treatment starts for your convenience. Additionally, we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all treatments done at our office: all former patients benefit from no doctor fee for re-treatment; all re-treatments only include the cost of supplies.

Our office stands behind our Don’t Miss Work or School Guarantee. With our convenient appointment times, we guarantee you’ll never have to miss work or school for an orthodontic appointment with us!